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Emotional Intelligence


Strong interpersonal communication skills

Leadership & management skills

Thinking skills (problem solving & decision making)

Learning Mindset


Public Speaking

Literacy & numeracy skills

Computing skills


Strong work values

Positive attitude

SOU is the culmination of nine years on continuous dedication to the Art of educating adult and K-12 creative artists, and a dream deferred many times. Until Now! Meet

I am Shelly Smith owner and visionary of the Spirit of Urbania Corporation and its DBA's. dedicated work from home progressive mom and entrepreneur with the Nature of the Bull quiet and fierce all at the same time.

To those of you who have taken the time to read this bio Thank you for being curious and taking the time research who and what I am about. Since in general research takes quite a bit of time when you are trying to find the right fit.

Here is why we feel we are one of the best-informed choices in vendor and subcontracted services.

when you view my portfolio, you will get a feeling for the type of approach I take to business and transparency in the 21st century.

Meet the Believer

Shelly M Smith MS ED

Believe that every advancement in social science is key to our social evolution as we develop our personal and professional mindsets each one of us can overcome adversity when we use the experiences to help motivate us to push the boundaries of what we think we can and what we actually do.

Then we share it with others.

Thus, my own life experiences have sharpened my skills in understanding my weaknesses and strengths and where they may add value to facilitate positive change becoming an asset and valuable source for others to draw reliable information from when faced with unexpected challenges in the classroom or the workplace and in volatile weather of social and corporate change

Staying Encouraged

Life skills and multi-industry experience plays a significant role in our ability to adapt quickly to our surroundings without losing focus of the big picture. Our ability to evaluate and assess needs using methods and theories by designer have become sharpened by our willingness to listen and empathize with consumers, in an ethical way.

We are meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Keeping it Simple

By accurately assessing needs, applications and social systems we over a short time help find solutions and provide opportunities for communities to network safely, grow industry and progress.

Innovating solutions that serves more than one stakeholder need at a time.

With respect of cultural diversity and trends.

Great outcomes in high pressure situations

Strength is the ability to assess situations, gather relevant information, adapt processes and supply new theories and methods creatively in any environment, even when you go scared.

Applying Life Skills

Technique sharpened by training and work experiences (learning from mistakes) formally educated yes, however it is one’s ability to apply life skills and formal education to purpose that has made SOU a superior multi-service experience for all industries that place vertical development of its professional family first.

There is no lack of ambition, passion, appreciation for diverse cultures, sensitivity deficit or vision when it comes to the entrepreneurial spirits of Urbania.